quarta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2016


Back in last January I was with my mum shopping at Zara and she saw this dark green dungaree skirt. She said it reminded her of when I was little and she used to dress me with these type of skirts. As I was trying it on I had to tell her 'Mom, it's not for me. I don't see myself in it...' She really wanted to give me that skirt to relieve those times. 
Seven months later and I find myself buying the exact same type of skirt in yellow and getting out of my comfort zone just because I now love it so much. 
That's fashion nowadays.

Fashion has been seen like a time machine. Trends from decades ago are coming back and with that a chance to relieve those times with a certain kind of modernism attached to it. It's fascinating how our tastes change alongside fashion. We don't like a certain type of clothing one season and the next it's all we can look at in our closet. It can be kind of scary how fashion changes our minds like that but seriously, who even cares? 

Sara xo

Skirt - ZARA | Turtle Neck top - H&M | Purse - MISAKO | Sandals - PULL & BEAR | Vintage Watch
Photos by Bruna Oliveira

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